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Cyrillics. Italics and Handwritten

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даты10 октября—02 ноября
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Learn how to design italic, script and handwritten Cyrillic typefaces with Maria Doreuli and Krista Radoeva.

Cyrillics. Italic and handwritten. Introduction: 1 day
October 5th: 5-8pm UTC

(Start times: 6pm London, 7pm Paris/Berlin, 8pm Sofia, 1pm New York, 10am San Francisco)

The first day of the workshop will be lecture based. This is a great opportunity for designers who want to know more about the history, context and main principles of handwritten Cyrillic forms without nesessarily designing them. Objectives:
• Origins of the Cyrillic Italics;
• Cyrillic Handwriting;
• Calligraphy in different styles;
• Basic construction of Cyrillic Italics;
• How to approach Slanted/Italics/Cursive typefaces;

Cyrillics. Italic and handwritten. Full Program: 5 days

October 19th, November 2nd, 16th and 30th: 5-8pm UTC

(Start times: 6pm London, 7pm Paris/Berlin, 8pm Sofia, 1pm New York, 10am San Francisco)

The full workshop includes Day 1 and 4 days of work in a small group filled with a mix of lectures, discussions and individual critiques. It is suitable for anyone who previously attended our Theory and Practice workshops (Or somebody with previous knowledge of Cyrillic type design). All materials are new. In addition to the information you get from Day 1, we will cover:
• Understand the basic structure of Cyrillic Italic letterforms;
• Variety of handwritten and script forms;
• We’ll give you examples of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them;
• We’ll also cover different localised forms;

You would need:
— Basic knowledge of any font editing software;
— An Italic/Handwritten/Script typeface to work with. This could be a Latin typeface that you will expand to Cyrillic, or a Cyrillic Roman typeface that you will add Italics to;
— Some extra time outside of the workshop hours to work on your typeface, there will be homework each week;
— Optional: Some handwriting, calligraphic tools, if you want to practice your Cyrillic writing;

If you have any questions, email us at info@cyrillicsly.com.


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Мария Дореули
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Криста Радоева


  • 10.05 5-8 pm UTC


  • 10.19 5-8 pm UTC
  • 11.02 5-8 pm UTC
  • 11.16 5-8 pm UTC
  • 11.30 5-8 pm UTC

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