Type Design Workshop 2022

dates18 July—29 July
group size12
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The Summer 2022 Type Design Workshop is made up of 10 intense days of theory and practice: the participants will be working on paper and in vectors, as well as taking part in online lectures and discussions. The instructors and the atmosphere are the key driving component of the workshop, allowing the students to get completely emerged into the world of letters. After the two weeks spent at the workshop, the students come out with a unique project and an impressive load of knowledge on top of a truly unique experience. We believe the latter to be the most valuable.

At the workshop you will get to know more about the following:

• Calligraphy as the foundation of typeface design. Broad nib and pointed pen writing: Roman and Italic.
• Lowercase and cursive constructions.
• Sketching for typeface design.
• Type classification and typeface parameters: proportions, contrast, weight, statics and dynamics in type. Form and counterform.
• Print type classification and its applications in the modern days.
• Latin vs Cyrillic. Glyph construction. Objectivity and prejudice. Language-specific forms of Cyrillics.
• Typeface repertoire. Variations of numbers, punctuation marks, different constructions of symbols within one font file, alternative forms, etc. Similarities, differences, applications. Rules and exceptions.
• The influence of the intended use on the typeface design.
• “Optics” in the typeface design.
• The existing software overview. The basics of working in a font editor. The fundamental knowledge about the spacing and kerning.
• Font formats. Type file construction.
• OpenType font format. Creating and using OpenType features.
• Variable fonts.
• Typeface licensing. Typeface testing. Renting fonts. Type foundries and services overview. Ethics in the process of purchasing and using typefaces.

Student applications
If you are a full-time student, you can participate in our social media contest (stay in tune with our social media Instagram, Facebook) to win a free pass.

Special needs applications
If you are a person who uses a wheelchair, you may be eligible for a free pass. Please email us at info@typedesignworkshop.org to apply.

Please note that the basic set of materials is included into the workshop price.


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Egor Golovyrin
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Anya Danilova
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Maria Doreuli
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Elena Novoselova
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Liza Rasskazova
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Nikita Sapozhkov
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Alexander Tarbeev
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Anna Khorash


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